About Us

Our Story

Inkam operates Bangladesh’s first nationwide end-to-end digital activation network, with over 14,000 affiliates covering 99% of the country. We were founded in 2021 to drive financial inclusion and digital literacy.

Our founders envisioned a platform connecting individuals seeking income with businesses wanting digital reach. We set out to build an ecosystem facilitating this exchange.

Leveraging the rapid digitalization across Bangladesh, we onboarded youth, homemakers, students, and unemployed individuals as digital sales agents. With just a smartphone and internet, anyone could become an Inkam agent.

We empower agents to earn incomes while promoting digital adoption. Moving forward, we aim to enable businesses to scale through digital channels, expand our catalog, and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower gig workers and low-income earners to flourish financially. We envision it as a simplified platform that empowers individuals to resell digital products, activates digital reach, and enables businesses to efficiently acquire customers.

Our Vision

Inkam’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve financial stability and independence by providing flexible work opportunities through our robust agent network. We aim to foster entrepreneurship and strengthen local economies by enabling anyone to generate supplemental income at their own pace. Our platform strives to be accessible and inclusive, embracing diversity and supporting people from all walks of life in their journey towards financial security and self-reliance.

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